Thank Me Later is a popular open source WordPress plugin that sends “thank you” emails to a blog’s commenters.

Thank Me Later screenshot of email


  • Time delay. The idea is to grab a commenter’s attention and bring them back to your blog. Sending an email straight away doesn’t make much sense. You can delay your message for a week (for example), and prompt commenters to return to your blog and further engage with conversation.

  • Personalisation. Include a commenter’s name, comment or post title in your email message for a more personal touch. ‘Sarah, thank you for your comment on My Cool Web Links’ is more noticeable than ‘Thank you for your comment’.

  • Targeting. Create targeted emails for categories or specific posts on your blog. Targeted emails are a great way to make email messages more relevant to the user, and makes them more likely to return to your blog.

  • HTML emails. Send beautiful HTML emails to your commenters.