Plugin: Animated GIF Resize

Animated GIF Resize allows you to upload and resize animated GIFs to your WordPress blog.


Full size animated GIF


Resized animated GIF

Image: By WillowW (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you have ever tried to upload an animated GIF to your WordPress blog, you may have noticed that the smaller versions of your image will not be animated. On most blogs, WordPress uses the “GD library” to perform resizing of your images. Unfortunately, this library doesn’t cope well with animated GIFs.

This plugin fixes the problem, using GifCreator and GifFrameExtractor by Clément Guillemain. This plugin simply integrates these two classes with WordPress.

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7 thoughts on “Plugin: Animated GIF Resize

  1. Resize gif images on WordPress without losing animation

  2. I’m in the process of changing over my website to WordPress and downloaded your Animated Gif Resize plugin. It solved the original problem, but I can’t get the animated gif to loop only once. I created the gif to loop once, but when I upload it in Dashboard and put it on my site, it continually loops. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    • I am aware of this issue. I’ll have a look to see if there’s a quick fix for it. In the meantime, the best alternative is to upload the animated GIFs you want looped once in the exact dimensions you want — provided WordPress isn’t resizing them, they should display as you expect.

  3. hey Brendon, I’m working on and love this plugin… but I’m having a problem getting it to work in WordPress 3.8 (the latest release). it seems to be fine on my dev copy of WordPress which is back at 3.6… any thoughts? I’m going to dig into the code and see if I can find out why it’s not happy but thought I’d run it by you first. thanks. Eric M –

  4. Hey Brendon, I love the plugin, it worked perfectly with the previous WP install, but when I upgraded to the newest WP (3.9.1) it started causing me all sorts of grief. I had to deactivate it because it caused an issue with actually uploading animated gifs. It simply wouldn’t do it. I had my hosts look at it and they identified the plugin as the problem. Is this an issue that you have had anyone encounter before and is there a fix for it? I simply love what this plugin can do and I would love to start using it again.

    • Hello,

      I have been unable to replicate this issue — it seems to work fine on my install. Are you using the browser uploader or the multi-file uploader? I am getting occasional problems with the browser uploader, but the file always uploads. Are you using any other plugins which modify uploaded images?


      • Hey Brendon, I usually just do it through the add image or set feature image in the posts. Just tried the other two options that you suggested (and I hadn’t even thought of) and the built in uploader seems to be actually working (the other still has issues). I feel like I’ve wasted your time now. Thank you so much! BTW… AWESOME PLUGIN!!

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