Thank Me Later: WordPress Plugin

Example email that is sent by Thank Me Later 3.0.

Thank Me Later is a popular open source WordPress plugin that sends ‘thank you’ emails to a blog’s commenters.


Time delay. The idea is to grab a commenter’s attention and bring them back to your blog. Sending an email straight away doesn’t make much sense. You can delay your message for a week (for example), and prompt commenters to return to your blog and further engage with conversation.

Personalisation. Include a commenter’s name, comment or post title in your email message for a more personal touch. ‘Sarah, thank you for your comment on My Cool Web Links’ is more attractive than ‘Thank you for your comment’.

Targeting. Create targeted emails for categories or specific posts on your blog. Targeted emails are a great way to make email messages more relevant to the user, and makes them more likely to return to your blog.

HTML emails. Send beautiful HTML emails to your commenters.

Reviews & Feedback


This plug in [...] goes one step further. [...] The email message is very customizable with tags that represent several variables in the comments. Richard Hay, Weblog Tools Collection. May, 2009.


This plugin is great. It sends an email to all first-time visitors. You can write up the email to remind them about your RSS feed or just to invite them to connect with you personally. I do both. Nicholas Cardot, Site Sketch 101. January, 2010.


There are a lot of ways to customize your message, from the content to when the thank you note is sent out, making it really versatile. [...] Sending a little note can put a more personal face on your website, encourage them to subscribe to your RSS feed or email newsletter, start fostering relationships with your commenters, etc. — all things you want to do to help build your brand and reputation. Addicott Web. March, 2009.

This is great for encouraging further interaction with your blog, whilst providing a direct promotional opportunity to visitors, more importantly the email will be timely, sent whilst the visitor has your brand in mind! Republiquedesign. February, 2010

[...] this method can convert your commentators into the loyal readers of your blog.I recently installed the WordPress plugin which helps to send automatically thank you emails to my blog readers after they post a comment on my blog. Surender Sharma, Technogati. September, 2009.

21 thoughts on “Thank Me Later: WordPress Plugin

  1. Greetings -

    LOVE your plugin and just upgraded. When I upgraded with the latest version, I get the error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/allabout/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/thank-me-later/Message.php on line 505

    Any Thoughts?


    • This setting has been moved from the global settings level to a per-message level. You can change the setting by editing each message; look at ‘Maximum send limit’ under ‘Schedule’.

      The global send limit setting was copied to each message when you upgraded Thank Me Later. (If you have a single message, this send limit works just as before.)

      • Hi Brendon,
        Thanks for your response! Does this mean that the email will only send once to each person if I set the limit to 1? I want to be clear on what will be going out to my readers. Also, is there a way to set it to send a certain message the first time to a commenter, then a different message the second time? I remember this being available on earlier versions.

        • If you have one message with limit 1, then each commenter will receive a maximum of 1 email. If you have two messages, they will receive maximum of 2 emails (1 email for each message).

          You are right that this feature was (sort of) available in earlier versions. The new versions shifts the thinking towards targeting each message to categories or posts.

          You can read more about these changes here:

  2. Hi Brendon,
    thanks for this useful plugin! :)
    I am using that… but i don’t understand if it’s possible to do this:
    to set a sequence of TY emails, so that if someone leave 1 comment, recive the email #1; if leaves another comment, recives the TY email #2, and so on.

    I wrote 5 emails, but when somenoe left me a comment, he recived all at once the 5 emails!

    The questions:
    1) this plugin alrady has the feature i described you?
    2) if yes: how?
    3) if not: do you think you will create this feature in future?

    Thank you for answering! :)
    i see you don’t use “subscribe to comments”, can you please email me when you answer, please? :)
    Thanks for all! :)

    • Josè,

      This is not currently possibly in version 3.0. The previous version 2.1 does allow for random selection of messages, but does not allow you to select the order in which messages are sent. In 3.0, all messages which are targeted to a particular post will be sent to the commenter, for each comment they make.

      The focus has moved away from having ‘catch-all’ messages to using a system of targeting. I believe it is much more effective to write messages for particular categories and/or posts, rather than having one or more generic messages. In your case, the commenter receives all 5 messages because those messages target the same category, tag or post (or have no targeting whatsoever). Of course, this different methodology causes problems for some bloggers who upgraded from previous versions of Thank Me Later. It may be necessary to rethink your strategy and create either one ‘thank you’ message, or create multiple targeted messages.

      That said, the new shortcodes feature of Thank Me Later is very powerful, and it is imaginable that a shortcode can be implemented which conditions the message content, based on the number of email messages that have already been sent. I will look to implement this in the next minor release.

  3. Hello Brendon,
    I have a problem making the links into actual link in the html message.
    I insert this piece [comment_url] but I have no clue how to make it working hyperlink. How should I set the “attr” to 1?
    Thanks, Gabor

    • You need to specify the link for the HTML and text emails separately. You can use the [htmlonly] and [textonly] shortcodes for this. The following should work:

      <a href="[comment_url attr=1]" rel="nofollow">link name</a>


      The attr parameter specifies if the link is being used in a html attribute. In the HTML email, it’s placed in the ‘href’ attribute, so attr should be set to 1.

      If you click ‘new message’ in the plugin, you can see this being used.

  4. Thanks a lot for the information!
    I haven’t realized that those were available, since i haven’t tried to make a new message.
    Now, it works very well.

  5. Since the new version the plugin has gone a bit crazy for me – it is putting the = symbol randomly through the messages and this is breaking up the links contained in my messages, not to mention the fact the messages look strange to the reader i.e. “You might like to retur= n to the site to add your email address to our free email newsletter list t= o receive job alerts, exclusive news about Spain, discounts and offers – yo= u can unsubscribe at anytime.”

    Don’t know if you can offer advice, I do love this plugin!

    • Hi Mark,

      My gut feeling is that this is a problem with your mail server. Perhaps you have configured your mail server to change encoding for outgoing HTML emails? I will take a further look at this issue if you could provide me some further information about your set-up: your version of WordPress, PHP, Windows/Linux, the mail server software you are using (or you host), etc.

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  7. I use your plugin and when I updated to the latest version of WordPress it nolonger sends e-mails once I approve a comment. Also when you made changes to the message, it would refresh in the preview screen. It nolonger does this either.

    Will you be updating the plugin to fix these issues?

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  9. Hi Brendon,

    I’m French and I apologize in advance for my english.

    I installed your plugin “Thanks me later” on my blog.
    But on my blog, I also have pages (not posts) with comments.

    Your plugin takes target only the posts.
    How can I do for target the pages too?

    Thanks by advance,

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